Dear All


We have tried our hardest to continue to keep the Clubhouse open.

Guidance has once again moved rapidly over the weekend.

Unfortunately we now face having to balance government guidance on social distancing and providing services in person.

We have reached the stage where we are no longer able to provide services in person and so the Clubhouse itself will close from 4.30 pm on Monday 23 March in order to protect our staff, members and everyone else.

As previously stated we aim to provide as much as we can remotely and by telephone and we are working on ways to have a virtual Clubhouse up and running very soon.

You can still call the Clubhouse on the main switchboard number during our normal hours and our staff now all have mobiles that you can reach them directly on:

Paul – 07399 817682
Ray – 07399 817684
Janet – 07399 817687
Ruth – 07399 817688
Ginny - 07399 817705*

(* operational from Wednesday 24th March)

Staff will all still be working and email addresses will also be working as normal too. Our website at has a special notice at the top of the page and will be updated regularly so please keep an eye on this if you have access to the internet. Alternately call 020 7700 6408 during our normal hours.

Our Camden Work and Wellbeing and Mental Health Working Islington employment support services continue to operate via telephone and internet.

This has been a difficult decision to take but please be assured that you are not alone and we are working hard to maximise the supports we can provide remotely and virtually.